Self PortraitI have been taking photographs for more than 20 years and although I work in many styles, my passion is capturing images of people.

Initially working in 35mm b/w and colour slide / neg film, I have more recently switched to a digital Canon EOS system.

This web site provides an overview of my work: Social, Reportage and Portraiture, including performance art, such as theatre, dance, or music - a great source of dynamic and stimulating images.

In all my work I aim to find a fresh approach, or a new angle, to the subject matter; creating a dynamic image, yet one which evokes a feeling of intimacy with the subject. I work on a freelance basis and am available for specific commissions, eg. portraits, events, performances, or commercial photography. I am always interested to receive comments about my work, so please feel free to get in touch via the link above.

As I am often asked for more details about what a portrait shoot entails, I have added an information page here.

I am based in Cambridge, UK but travel quite widely.

Finally, for those interested in some camera 'tech' history, I have posted a personal chronolog of cameras here.

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